Company Overview

York Cyber Advisors, LLC (YCA) was founded in 2017 with one main objective - to help companies perform their independent ISO 27001 audits and related services, as required by the standard. Whether our clients are entering into, currently on, or already down the road of ISO 27001 certification, we guarantee the following: 

A complete and highly competent review of your ISMS and controls each year

Hassle-free remote assessment process

Detailed assessment report within weeks of the audit time period

Guaranteed to meet the requirements of your certification body

Best value for cost in the industry

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One of the most valuable things YCA can bring to your organization is experience. The experts at YCA have years of experience implementing and assessing the ISO 27001 standard. They understand the requirements of the standard and how they are interpreted by the accreditation and certification bodies. YCA guarantees you are assessed by a competent and qualified assessor. 

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Example Assessor

  • 10+ Years of experience with security governance, risk and compliance

  • College educated in the information security/cyber field

  • Graduate degree in cyber security

  • CISSP, CISA, CRISC and ISO 27001 Master Certified

  • Experience implementing ISO 27001

  • Experience managing ISMSs

  • Experience certifying ISO 27001 programs

Our Engagement Process

YCA is dedicated to making your ISO 27001 certification preparation as simple and streamlined as possible. That is why we have created our hassle free engagement process. We do everything remote and just ask that you provide the information we need! 

Engagement Info

Evidence and Data Collection

Evidence Review and Assessment

Assessment Reporting

YCA uses exactly two simple and secure third party tool sets to perform the ISO 27001 review and assessment; Google Docs and Clinked (or your own internal collaboration tool if shareable externally). Meetings and site location reviews are performed remotely via Google Hangouts. How's that for simplicity!


Step 1: You provide the information we need to setup the engagement


Step 2: We setup the customer pages and docs, as needed, and invite you to them


Step 3: You access your pages and provide the required data and evidence


Step 4: YCA reviews the data and evidence remotely


Step 5: Lastly, YCA provides you with a finalized report

Simple Right? 

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