One of the most important clause requirements from the ISO 27001 standard is clause 9.2 Internal Audit. An organization cannot become certified without first performing the internal audit over the ISO 27001 requirements internally. This audit or review must be independent, meaning it is performed by someone other than those implementing the ISO 27001 program (or ISMS).


The experts at YCA have years of experience not only implementing and running ISO 27001 or ISMS programs internally within large companies, but also performing the certification reviews (gap assessments, stage 1, stage 2, re-certification, and scope expansion reviews). Our experts have seen first-hand the weaknesses and limitations of the assessment reports many third party companies provide. YCA guarantees to perform and provide internal audits/reviews which have accurate scopes, meet all requirements (the ISO 27001 standard, accreditation bodies, and certification bodies), test both design and operational effectiveness, and which will satisfy your certification review process.   


Let us help you meet requirement 9.2 by performing the internal audit for you. YCA will provide you with a report that shows test results for each requirement and detailed findings with recommendations for remediation. 

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